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Relieve Anxiety Naturally, Fall Asleep Faster And Stay Asleep Longer Through The Night With A Xalm™ Blanket!
Relieve Anxiety Naturally & Sleep BETTER With A Xalm™ Blanket!
Watch The Short 5 Minute Video Below & See How
A Xalm Blanket Can Revolutionize The Way You Sleep!
Your $100 Launch Discount Has Been Applied.
Your Exclusive $100 Launch Discount Has Been Applied.
The new Xalm™ blanket provides a solution to even the worst, life crippling anxiety...

and it's set to take the western world by storm!
It's believed it works by helping your body create a natural chemical known as the "bliss molecule". 

Or it's scientific name, Oxytocin.

And it's responsible for a whole host of benefits that all directly contribute to lowering anxiety levels.

Once it's released, it quickly gets to work...

- Lowering a racing heart rate
- Calming jittery nerves
- Reducing stress (cortisol) levels
- And decreasing blood pressure ²

While at the same time...

- Increasing confidence levels
- Inducing feelings of optimism
- Boosting self-esteem and trust
- And even pushing-up your metabolism! ³

Now, as much as this sounds like a miracle...

Most Oxytocin is locked-up inside a pea-sized gland in your brain. 

And it's only released during several specific activities...

The most common of which is hugging. 

The problem is, it acts like a pressure gauge...

And it only bursts out of the gate after 20 seconds of hugging. 

Now that might not seem like much, but it's an awful long time just to move the needle from 0 to 1. 

Especially when you realise that the more of this chemical you have, the lower your anxiety levels will be ... and the better you'll feel in yourself. 

It's hard to imagine sitting there, latched on to someone for hours every day.

But a researcher called Dr T. Grandin pioneered a form of therapy that completely removes this "timing issue"...

By wrapping yourself in a blanket. 

But this isn't just any blanket.

It's a blanket covered in small pockets that are each filled to the brim with tiny glass beads.

By covering parts of your body with this blanket, scientists discovered that the light pressure on your skin causes the release of Oxytocin.

And the obvious part is, there's no inconvenience in how long you use the blanket for. 

In fact, most people who use them get a double-whammy of benefits because they not only use their blankets during the day when they need them most, they tend to sleep under them too. 

And believe it or not, these weighted blankets have been proven to help with sleep too!
Imagine it...

Whenever those feelings start to rear their ugly faces ... whenever your stomach starts to slowly flush with panic ... you can simply wrap a blanket round your shoulders and feel an almost immediate "release". 

No reaching for the panic button...

No diving for your beta-blockers...

And no worrying yourself sick. 

Just the comfy-embrace of a blanket that you'll have to try your hardest not to call your new best-friend. 

Sound like just what you need? 

Great, because if you take us up on our launch discount today we'll give you a whopping $100 off as a way to say thanks for being one of the earlier adopters.
6 Reasons you should try a Xalm blanket today:

Get To Sleep Faster!

Our weighted micro-bead technology is scientifically proven to help you get to sleep quicker. Meaning no more onset insomnia or feeling frustrated for hours lying in bed. ¹

Sleep Longer Through The Night!

No more waking up 10 times throughout the night! The Xalm™ blanket stops your fidgeting meaning you'll sleep like a baby through the night. ¹

Calm Racing Thoughts - Quickly!

Almost instantly after snuggling under your Xalm blanket you'll begin to feel calmer and your anxiety will melt away. ⁴

Lower Anxiety - Quickly!

Studies have shown 63% of people report having lower levels of anxiety after using the blanket. ⁵

Help Manage Stress!

A Xalm blanket helps you manage and lower stress in two ways. Firstly the Oxytocin released during deep touch pressure directly combats the stress response. Secondly fixing your sleep also naturally lowers levels of Cortisol, your stress hormone!

Significantly Increases Chances Of Weight Loss

Yes believe it or not fixing your sleep SIGNIFICANTLY increases your chances of weight loss. Studies have shown that individuals who get more than 6 hours sleep per night are twice as likely to be a healthy weight than those who don't. ¹⁰ 
Why choose a Xalm™ blanket?
Hi, my name is Eddy and i'm the founder of Xalm. I want to tell you why and how i started Xalm.

It was a cold November night and i'd pulled my car over to the side of the road. I sat there with tears streaming down my face and i pounded my fist on the steering wheel.

My life had just been turned upside down.

You see my dad had just been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a rare type of lung cancer that effects people who have worked with asbestos.

The outlook wasn't good, the doc told us the average survival time without treatment was around 1 year.

My dad hadn't even turned 60 yet.

I was devastated. My whole family were...

I let myself have that moment in the car.

But i wasn't about to give up.

As an entrepreneur I went into research mode as soon as i got back home, surely there was something that could be done.

The doctors were suggesting my dad go in for a radical but severe new trial. 

They would surgically remove his right lung.

It sounded gruesome but what was even worse, it was a double blind trial, which means theres a 50% chance he wouldn't get any treatment at all.

I pushed the rage, anger, sadness and despair to one side. There must be something else.

I researched after work every single night into the early hours of the morning.

Until eventually i came across a cutting edge French surgeon who had a pioneering procedure for mesothelioma that tripled survival length.

After i'd gathered all the info i could get, I presented it to my dad.

He decided that whilst it was a risky 8 hour surgery that involved peeling the top layer of his lung off like the pif of an orange, he would go for it.

He went in 3 weeks after his diagnosis full of nerves.

After a nail biting 8 hours he came out the other side.

Thankfully it was successful. But the journey didn't stop there.

He also had to do a gruelling 8 week session of intense chemotherapy.

It was during this that his sleep really started to suffer.

The worst part was, because he was on so much medication he didn't want to take anything else for his sleep.

So i went back into research mode, surely i could find something natural that would help him sleep better.

I mentioned my fathers poor sleep to a friend who worked as a nurse for special needs children.

She told me about deep touch stimulation.

In essence it was a way of reducing anxiety, lowering stress and relaxing people using the power of weight.

Or put another way, using something called a weighted blanket to put a gentle all over pressure on the body.

She said it had been used successfully for years to help with autistic children suffering from poor sleep and anxiety.

I went back into "research mode" and started digging up everything i could about weighted blankets.

Turned out they were crossing over into the mainstream and starting to become more and more popular.

Tens of thousands of people were using them to reduce their anxiety, stress and most importantly sleep better.

I pitched my dad again and asked him if he'd be willing to give one a try to help him sleep better.

He told me sure, so i forked out the $249 to get him one.

Now, I have to be honest.

This thing isn't a miracle worker. I'm not saying it fixed his bad sleep 100%.

He still does have bad nights, as to be expected with someone fighting cancer.

But he did tell me it helped him a lot and that he was sleeping a much better.

My mum, who's sleep also had become terrible due to the worry and stress started stealing it when he wasn't using it!

She said it helped her with her anxiety and stress too.

What's more, she actually bought one for herself.

That's when i knew that these were something i needed to get out to the masses.

If they could help provide relief to my parents who were going through one of the toughest periods of their lives, I just knew they could help other people too.

That's why I started Xalm and i tell you that because i want you to know, whilst i'm not a doctor or medical professional, I am a loving son who did hours upon hours of painstaking research to find the best natural solution to my dads sleep issue.

It's something that worked for him and thousands of other customers of ours.

If you decide to buy from us here at Xalm I want you to know we'll look after you like family. 

If you're unhappy with your blanket for any reason whatsoever, we'll make sure we put it right.
Wellness Celebrities & Customers Love The Xalm™ Blanket:

Katie Wells - Founder - ★★★★★
697k Facebook Followers

My husband now sleeps with the weighted blanket every night and his sleep has improved since he started using it. He sleeps deeper and wakes up more rested!

We had recently got them for all of our kids and they made a noticeable difference in how quickly they fall asleep and how long they stay asleep. It was tough to find one that wasn't filled with plastic beads, so we settled on one filled with glass beads.

We love the weight and quality. ¹⁸

Danette May - Founder - ★★★★★
1.4m Facebook Followers

The first time i used this i couldn't believe how deep i slept...

This helps me get grounded and also helps with the kids when i know they've had a rough day at school. They also use the most amazing soft fabric. ¹⁹

Beth Morgan - Verified Purchase - ★★★★★

Absolutely amazing. Had this for several weeks now and haven’t gone a night without it. Its so comforting it feels like someone is hugging you! 

I suffer from anxiety and sleep paralysis and ive found it a lot easier to fall asleep at night with this because its honestly so soft and comforting. ²⁰

Naomi Sokeyo - Verified Purchase - ★★★★★

We absolutely love the Xalm Weighted Blanket! When my daughter was poorly she loved snuggling into it. 

Equally us adults sleep so much better when using it. It has certainly helped my sleeping pattern and has meant I fall asleep much quicker. 

Also love that you can take the cover off to wash it. ²¹

Nick Carroll - Verified Purchase - ★★★★★

I was sceptical about its claims to help you sleep better, but having struggled with sleep problems for years I can wholeheartedly say it does! 

The blanket is great quality (and so soft!) and although heavy, is really comfortable to sleep under and creates a great feeling of security just before you head to bed. 

Would recommend to anyone that struggles to nod off and/or has an issue around waking up multiples times during the night! ²²
Using A Xalm™ Blanket Has A Number Of Other Incredible Health Benefits!

Fix your sleep and see improvements in:

Reduce Brain Fog
Research is clear, the quality of your sleep directly effects your cognitive abilities. When you get enough sleep you can think clearer and memory is improved. ⁷
Increase Mood & Wellbeing
Studies show poor sleep quality are very closely correlated to depression, stress and anxiety. Fix your sleep and you could feel less stressed and less anxiety. ⁸
Get Sick Less Often
Without sufficient sleep, your body makes fewer cytokines, a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation. Get better sleep and see your immune system improve. You'll find yourself getting sick a lot less often. ⁹
Skyrocket Chances Of Weight Loss
Short sleep duration makes you twice as likely to be obese. ¹⁰ Research suggests getting just 1 hour extra sleep in sleep deprived individuals could lead to up to 14lbs of weight loss over a year. ¹¹
Lower Risk Of Cancer
Bad sleep is linked to higher risks of some cancers. A study of 34,350 women found short sleep duration was associated with increased risk of incident breast cancer! ¹²
Lower Risk Of Heart Disease
A UK study found that those who slept between 6 and 9 hours sleep had 20% less risk of a heart attack than those sleeping less than 6 hours. ¹³
Get Naturally Glowing Skin
Research shows just one night of bad sleep can cause hanging eyelids, swollen eyes, dark circles, paler skin, more wrinkles and droopy corners of the mouth. ¹⁴ Fix your sleep, get clearer beautiful skin.
Improve Insulin Sensitivity
Poor quality sleep significantly reduces insulin sensitivity. This could lead to erratic blood sugar levels. Getting better sleep will massively help improve insulin sensitivity. ¹⁵
Sleep isn't called natures MD for nothing!

17,000 scientific reports prove upgrading your sleep is the number 1 thing you can do for your health!

Yes you read that right...

A Xalm™ Blanket Can Also Help You Lose Weight:

Back in 2009 Glamour magazine¹⁶ hired two of the worlds leading sleep experts, Michael Breus, Ph.D., and Steven Lamm, M.D.

The question they wanted to answer was simple... Can you really lose weight while you sleep?

What they found was shocking, incredible and frankly almost beyond belief.

They took seven regular women of varying weights. Some were significantly overweight, others needed to shed just a few pounds.

They were given just one task...

Get seven and a half hours sleep per night.

One thing was made crystal clear from the very beginning.

They were told...


No horrible diets.

No gruelling exercise plans.

The experts wanted to look at one thing and one thing only. Would sleep alone make a difference.

Surely, there was more to it than that.

After 10 weeks, the results were staggering;

Réal Hamilton-Romeo, dropped seven pounds.

Kate Foley, lost six.

Lisa Braverman, slashed nine pounds.

Brelyn Johnson, got rid of ten pounds.

Paige Barr, shed twelve.

and - are you ready for this..?

Ehmonie Hainey, lost a whopping 15 pounds.

Just from fixing their sleep...

Now the eagle eyed among you may have noticed something. We left out one of the seven participants.

Natasha Crawford, the last of the seven participants wasn't able to stick to the seven and a half hours of sleep per night because of a tight work schedule.

But even though she didn't lose weight she had still lost a total of two and a half inches off her waist, bust and hips.

How could that be possible?

Three Reasons Why If You Want To Lose Weight, You Absolutely Must Fix Your Sleep...

1) Sleep More, Eat Less.

Lack of sleep skyrockets hunger hormones and it obliterates your fullness hormones. Meaning you eat more without even realising it.

What's more, sleep deprivation also impairs your brains decision making processes. Meaning your will power is at flat out zero even if you have the best intentions.

Proof: Researchers at the University of Chicago allowed people to sleep five and half hours one night and eight and a half on another, then measured how many free snacks the participants had the next day. They ate an average of 221 calories more when sleepy¹⁷—an amount that translates into a pound of fat gained after two weeks!

Here's what Brelyn Johnson from our study above said, "I used to eat a ton of sugar every afternoon, but now I can have just a small piece and feel satisfied."

2) Sleep More, Store Less Fat

Even before the study ended, the Glamour magazine volunteer noticed changes. After just three weeks Braverman slipped into those old jeans that were just too tight before.

Around two months in Hamilton-Romeo told them, "My stomach is getting flatter and my love handles smaller."

After the full 10 weeks she'd lost 5 inches off her waist, hips, bust and thighs even though she wasn't that overweight to begin with!

How is that so?

Dr Breus explains, "During deep sleep, your brain secretes a large amount of growth hormone, which tells your body how to break down fat for fuel,"

"Deprive your body of deep sleep, and when extra calories get stored as fat, there isn't enough growth hormone to break it down. So your body takes a shortcut and packs it away in your butt, thighs, belly—wherever you tend to put on weight."

Braverman, who lost two and half inches said:

"The changes in my body fascinate me, because I really haven't changed anything except my sleep habits. I eat the way I always have and exercise the same amount, maybe even less because my schedule is tighter now that I have to go to bed earlier!"

3) Sleep More, Have More Energy

This one is admittedly fairly unsurprising. Sleep more and you'll feel less tired, shocker.

But here's the interesting part. As well as having more energy day to day in work and with their loved ones, they also made other changes.

You see, even though the participants were told not to make any conscious exercise changes, a couple of them couldn't help themselves.

Says Foley, "I used to have days when I'd want to go home and just veg out on the couch; now I'd rather run or do something physical—a complete revolution in my lifestyle."

The evidence couldn't be more clear...

If you want to lose weight, you must fix your sleep.
What's Included When You Order Today?
Order today and lock in your exclusive launch discount!
1 x 80" by 60" Queen Sized weighted Xalm blanket at a weight of your choosing.

MSRP $259.99
Today: $159.99
FREE Premium ultra-soft machine washable minky cover for your blanket.

MSRP $49.99
Today: FREE
FREE Shipping Within The USA!
100 Night Satisfaction Guarantee!
Join THOUSANDS of people getting better sleep today!
100 Night Better Sleep Xalm Guarantee!
Don't like your Xalm™ Blanket after 100 nights? We'll give you a full refund!
That's how confident we are our blanket will revolutionize your sleep!
At just 41¢ per day, can you afford not to try one?

When you look at a Xalm weighted blanket over the course of one year, the price works out to 41¢ per day. 

Use a Xalm blanket for 2 years, and the price plummets to just 20 cents per day.

As Danette May said "the first time i tried this, I couldn't believe how deep i slept."

Isn't it worth risking a measly 41 cents to get that deep refreshing sleep you've been craving? 

Remember, if it doesn't work for you, we're a family business and we stand by our 100 night guarantee.

So click the big blue button below now to claim yours!

Join THOUSANDS of people getting better sleep today!
Here's what people are saying on social media:
How do they work?
Our micro-bead technology applies an even pressure all over your body.

Leading to reduced anxiety levels and a deeper, restful sleep.

It's like the most amazing hug that leaves you feeling stress free and ready to sleep.
Each Blanket Contains 192 Individual Pockets
Every Pocket Contains Thousands Of  Small Beads
The Weight Applies An Even Pressure Over Your Body
Leading To A Great Nights Sleep & More Energy The Next Day
The Xalm™ Blanket Exudes Quality...

Luxuriously Large 60 x 80" Size...

The same size as a queen sized bed. Perfect for snuggling under.

Premium 5 Layer Design

Our blankets use the highest quality breathable cotton outers and virgin polyester padded inners. 

Ensures our blankets are perfectly silent and feel like your being hugged by a fluffy cloud.

100% Natural Glass Nano Beads Used

We use 100% natural glass nano-beads for our blankets to ensure there are no toxic materials near you whilst you sleep.

Not Too Hot!

One of the biggest worries people have when trying a Xalm blanket is, will this make me too hot?

Well 83.3% of our customers have told us the Xalm blanket doesn't make them too hot.

If your one of the unlucky ones, don't worry! We'll provide you a full collection and refund under our 100 night trial. 

What weight is right for your Xalm™ Blanket™?
We recommend getting a blanket that is around 10% of your bodyweight. 
See the chart below for help:
If you are 80 - 125lbs Bodyweight
If you are 125 - 175lbs Bodyweight
If you are 175lbs+ Bodyweight
Claim Your $100 Launch Discount & FREE Shipping Today:
Usually $259 - Today Just $159.
Remember there is no risk with our 100 night trial!
Reduce anxiety and get better sleep or your money back!
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$159 + FREE Shipping

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Frequently Asked Questons:
What weight blanket should i get?
Your blanket should generally be between 8 - 12% of your body weight. We have a guide that you can check out here:

Or if you prefer a written guide:

If you weigh between 80 - 125lbs you should get the 10lb blanket.

If you weigh between 125 - 175lbs you should get the 15lb blanket.

If you weigh 175lbs+ you should get the 20lb blanket.
Will this make me too hot?
Every blanket comes with a removable minky cover. Take the cover off if you prefer a cooler cotton only blanket. 

That being said, the blankets aren't as hot as you would think. As they are mainly glass micro-beads and very little material they are actually quite breathable allowing you to get an incredible nights sleep.
Will this help me sleep?
Yes many of our users report our blankets help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night better.
How big are your blankets?
Our blankets come in a large 80" x 60" size. Ideally they are used for one person but it is possible to fit two under one blanket fairly comfortably. See our sizing chart for a better idea.
How do i wash my blanket?
The outer blanket cover can be machine washed on a hand wash setting at a heat of 40°C or lower.

The inner weighted portion of the Xalm™ Blanket should be dry cleaned only!
Will this help my anxiety guaranteed?
Legally (and morally) we can't guarantee it will help your anxiety but it has certainly helped lots of our previous users cope with anxiety and stress. If it doesn't help you can always return it for a full refund.
Do these really work?
Yes they are amazing! If they didn't work we wouldn't offer our incredible 100 night trial. If you don't agree with us (and thousands of happy customers) that our Xalm™ Blankets are amazing we'll refund you all of your money!
How do they work?
Using weighted deep touch technology that has been widely used for years as a treatment for anxiety in people with autism.

The weighted feeling of our Xalm™ Blankets help you drift into a deep natural sleep. People have described it like being gently hugged all over your body.

This secret technology has now just started to become more mainstream as people realise how much easier it is to get to sleep when you have deep touch stimulation from our weighted Xalm™ blankets.
Whats your 100 night guarantee?
We guarantee that you'll absolutely love our Xalm™ Blankets. Give them a try for 100 nights, if you don't love them simply let us know. We'll refund you the total amount you spent with us!

Just email us on
Otley Creations Limted T/A Xalm,  2260 S Cole Rd #110, Boise, ID 83709, USA
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Order Your Xalm Blanket Today: