Got questions? Call us: (888) 987 5337
Got questions? Call us: (888) 987 5337
Your Exclusive $100 Launch Discount & Free Magnesium Oil Has Been Reserved For 30 Minutes.
Your Exclusive $100 Launch Discount
& Free Magnesium Oil 
Has Been Reserved For 30 Minutes.
Order Your Xalm Blanket Today And We'll Give You A FREE 1 Months Supply Of Essential Living Magnesium Oil
Order Your Xalm Blanket Today And We'll Give You A FREE 1 Months Supply Of Xalm Ancient Wellness Magnesium Oil
This offer will expire in:
This offer will expire in:
Did you know that 50% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium...

Why does this matter?

Well magnesium is crucial in promoting healthy sleep, reducing stress and protecting against disease.

But... Here's the kicker. Your body can't produce it normally.

That's why it's called one of the "essential minerals."

Few dietary elements have more influence over the body than magnesium.

It is involved in more than 300 different critical reactions in the bodies cells.

Particularly with regards to sleep and relaxation.

Trying to fix your sleep without fixing your magnesium levels would be like trying to fix a car that doesn't have any oil in it.

You put the oil in first, then you can start working on the other problems.

People with low magnesium often experience restless sleep, waking frequently during the night. 

Does that sound like you?

Those sleepless nights tossing and turning, that could be low magnesium.

Supplementing with topical magnesium can lead to a deeper sounder sleep and that's why when you order our Xalm weighted blanket today we'll send you a 8oz bottle of our Xalm Essential Wellness magnesium oil MSRP $29.99.

Plus, we'll still ship them both to your door COMPLETELY FREE.

Put simply, these two together are the perfect combination to help you get deeper more restful sleep AND fall asleep quicker.

Remember, this offer expires in 30 minutes so i highly recommend you take us up on it now:
100 Night Better Sleep Moneyback Guarantee!
Don't like your Xalm Blanket™ after 100 nights? We'll collect it & give you a full refund!
That's how confident we are our blanket will revolutionize your sleep!
What's Included?
1 x 80" by 60" Queen Sized weighted Xalm blanket at a weight of your choosing.
FREE Premium ultra-soft machine washable minky cover for your blanket.
FREE 8oz Bottle Of Our Essential Living Magnesium Oil
100 Night Satisfaction Guarantee!
Here's Why Customers Love The Xalm™ Blanket:

Annette D - New York - ★★★★★

I woke up this morning having slept 8 hours without waking up. That is epic for me.

My experience was really good. I woke up this morning having slept 8 hours without waking up. That is epic for me. I can go to sleep but at some point I wake up, at times I seem to fight to wake up. Last night I slept all night. The blanket itself is really nice, the cover gives it a luxurious feel. It is heavy if you lift it (the whole blanket) it is not heavy as you lie under it. I didn't overheat at all, just warm and cozy. I am celebrating this morning.

Claire S - New York - ★★★★★

This things does wonders. I woke up refreshed, not groggy and ready to go.

This things does wonders. I've never been a terrible sleeper but I wake up/toss and turn enough that I wanted to give it a shot. In the past when I've really wanted uninterrupted sleep I'd take a melatonin sleep aid...when I use this blanket I sleep as if I'd taken 2 of them. I woke up refreshed, not groggy and ready to go.

Since purchasing mine my roommate and 2 other friends have bought them!

IMO this one is worth it over others because of the cover. Instead of your blanket getting oily and dirty the cover does. Simply remove it, wash it and you're good to go. 

Kyle D - Oklahoma - ★★★★★

I suffer from insomnia and restless legs syndrome. It took a couple of nights to really start to see the benefits of this blanket. This morning was probably the best I have felt so far.

I suffer from insomnia and restless legs syndrome. It took a couple of nights to really start to see the benefits of this blanket. This morning was probably the best I have felt so far. I love that it is a natural solution. Medications aren't 100% all of the time. I am hoping for the future that this blanket will continue to help bridge the gaps. If you are on the fence about whether or not to get it, I would. It is a lot of money to pay for a blanket in my opinion. Many of the other companies have plastic beads and that probably helps them keep the cost down. They also don't include an amazing cover for it! It is so soft and the colors are neutral.

This purchase was an absolute splurge for me. I would do it again.

How Does The Xalm Blanket Work?
Each Blanket Contains 192 Individual Pockets To Ensure Beads Are Distributed Evenly
Every Pocket Contains Thousands Of Micro-Beads To Provide Gentle Soothing Pressure
The Result? A Perfectly Weighted Blanket That Will Help You Get The Most Amazing Sleep
How Does The Xalm Magnesium Oil Work?
Step 1: Apply Lotion Before Bed
Step 2: Allow To Soak In To Your Body
Step 3: Feel Relaxed All Over And Ready To Sleep
Using The Xalm Weighted Blanket & Magnesium Oil You'll:
  •   Fall Asleep Quicker: Our weighted micro-bead technology is scientifically proven to help you get to sleep quicker. 
  •  Get Better Quality Sleep: Users report sleeping through the night better due to reduced fidgeting.
  •  Reduce Anxiety & Stress: Studies have shown 63% of people report having lower levels of anxiety after using the blanket.
  •  Have NO Side Effects – Unlike toxic pills & drugs, the Auria Blanket has no harmful side effects! Great sleep and stress relief, the natural way.
  •  Have More Energy: It goes without saying, getting better quality sleep will help you feel energized the next day!
  •  Have A Better Chance Of Maintaining A Healthy Weight: Multiple studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can cause obesity.
  •  Get A FREE Machine Washable Cover: Every order of an Auria Blanket comes with a FREE ultra soft machine washable minky cover!
  •  Enjoy a 100 night guarantee! So there's absolutely no risk!
What weight is right for your Xalm™ Blanket?
We recommend getting a blanket that is around 10% of your bodyweight. 
See the chart below for help:
Claim Your $100 Discount & FREE Shipping Today:
Claim Your $100 Discount
FREE Magnesium Oil  
& FREE Shipping Today:
Usually $249 - Today Just $149.
Remember there is no risk with our 100 night trial! Better sleep or your money back!
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$149 + FREE Shipping
$149 + FREE Shipping
$159 + FREE Shipping

ONE TIME OFFER: Usually $99! Save 40% when you add to our order. This ultra soft bamboo fibre cover will blow you away with its softness. Great as a spare cover for your blanket.

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Remember There's NO Risk With Our 100 Night Guarantee

Try out your Xalm blanket at no risk. If you're not getting the most amazing, refreshing deep sleep using one of our blankets you can simply email us on and we'll provide a full refund. If you're not happy, we're not happy.
Frequently Asked Questons:
What weight Xalm blanket should i get?
Your blanket should generally be between 8 - 12% of your body weight. We have a guide that you can check out here:

Or if you prefer a written guide:

If you weigh between 80 - 125lbs you should get the 10lb blanket.

If you weigh between 125 - 175lbs you should get the 15lb blanket.

If you weigh 175lbs+ you should get the 20lb blanket.
Will this make me too hot?
Every blanket comes with a removable minky cover. Take the cover off if you prefer a cooler cotton only blanket. 

That being said, the blankets aren't as hot as you would think. As they are mainly glass micro-beads and very little material they are actually quite breathable allowing you to get an incredible nights sleep.
Will this help me sleep?
Yes many of our users report our blankets help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night better.
How big are your blankets?
Our blankets come in a large 80" x 60" size. Ideally they are used for one person but it is possible to fit two under one blanket fairly comfortably. See our sizing chart for a better idea.
How do i wash my blanket?
The outer blanket cover can be machine washed on a hand wash setting at a heat of 40°C or lower.

The inner weighted portion of the Xalm™ Blanket should be dry cleaned only!
Will this help my anxiety?
Legally (and morally) we can't guarantee it will help your anxiety but it has certainly helped lots of our previous users cope with anxiety and stress. If it doesn't help you can always return it for a full refund.
Do these really work?
Yes they are amazing! If they didn't work we wouldn't offer our incredible 100 night trial. If you don't agree with us (and thousands of happy customers) that our Xalm™ Blankets are amazing we'll refund you all of your money!
How do they work?
Using weighted deep touch technology that has been widely used for years as a treatment for anxiety in people with autism.

The weighted feeling of our Xalm™ Blankets help you drift into a deep natural sleep. People have described it like being gently hugged all over your body.

It's been clinically proven to reduce anxiety.

This secret technology has now just started to become more mainstream as people realise how much easier it is to get to sleep when you have deep touch stimulation from our weighted Xalm™ blankets.
Whats your 100 night guarantee?
We guarantee that you'll absolutely love our Xalm™ Blankets. Give them a try for 100 nights, if you don't love them simply let us know. We'll refund you the total amount you spent with us!

Just email us on
Otley Creations Limted T/A Xalm,  2260 S Cole Rd #110, Boise, ID 83709, USA

Order Your Xalm Blanket & FREE Magnesium Oil Today:
Order Your Xalm Blanket
& FREE Magnesium Oil Today: